Saturday, 2 June 2007

Blackrock Depths

Oh how I hate this place! The dark caverns under Blackrock mountain echo with the screams of the slaves and captives. Twisted dwarves patrol the corridors, flanked by their stonewrought battle constructs and everywhere the red glow of the molten lava dances across the walls.

Not a niceplace for a druid to spend time, but I went to help Xanaral out. The group we went with all knew what they were doing and we made fairly easy work of it, my moonkin form casting shiny starfire criticals, which I always enjoy. The trees got a few outings, but with so many enemies so close together I daren't let them out too much or they would cause mayhem; not very easy to control those trees, they get a bit over-excited and pull everything in sight.

One of the party left, however, just before we got to the bar, and after that we all died, although it was quite unnecessary and if I had been watching health more closely and not admiring my starfires I could have battle-resurrected Xanaral. As it was we were all too tired to carry on. Poor Xanaral still has three quests to do, I hope she finishes them soon as spending too much time in that place is bad for your spirit.

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