Saturday, 14 July 2007


I need 5000 gold before I am able to start the quest for my epic flight form. I only have 1900 gold at the moment, making it a daunting task. Luckily my alchemy profession means I can make Primal Might, which sells for around 125g each, but I still need to make at least 24 of these! Still, spending time in the nice quiet atmosphere of Nagrand, collecting motes from the elementals is peaceful enough.

I do love Nagrand...the floating islands in the sky are like little havens, where you could make your nest and stay in flight form forever. I dream of these specks, their spiralling waterfalls and curiously twisted trees echoing and soothing my nightmares. Me, a campfire and a significant other, atop a floating island in Nagrand...what heaven!

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Tori_z said...

How beautifully written... :)

It's a shame you aren't keeping the blog up since it would - by the look of the posts here - be very interesting and enjoyable to read.